Hatch Day Portraits

I started this series as a way to do something nice for my best friends who can't have birthday parties.

Tatiana Mac

Product designer, developer, and speaker on racial inequity in the tech industry. Just a few of the skills that Tatiana has mastered. She is a thoughtful and kind person who is constantly learning something new and diligently paying it forward.

Illustration of Tatiana Mac
Alex Wrrek

Alex Wrrek is a wonderful and prolific writer who has been publishing zines for decades. She is an amazing friend who treats everyone with respect and warmly welcomes a fresh face looking to learn about zines, crows, or secular witchcraft.

Illustration of Tatiana Mac
Daisy Noemi

Daisy is a dedicated community organizer who loves her friends and family as much as she loves film photography. While she's organizing events for LA Zine Fest or working as a freelance photographer, she can be seen documenting the world with her trademark disposable cameras.