Flower-filled illustration of the word mark Weird Wonderful
What is Weird Wonderful?
WW is a creative studio by me, Simon Sotelo. I’m a multi-disciplinary creative with over 8 years of designing narrative driven digital experiences.
Illustrated portrait of Simon Sotelo by Simon Sotelo
What is a narrative driven design?
Strong narratives drive the emotional journey of the user and your customer. A simple story elegantly told is the most effective way to make an impact in today’s attention economy.
Who do you work with?
I collaborate with mission-driven brands; that means startups working toward a better world, non-profits helping communities, and agencies or individuals looking for fresh perspectives.
What can Weird Wonderful do?
Lots of things!
I am predominately a visual designer who can develop your brand, art direct your video or mobile app, illustrate your portrait, or design and build your website.
What about us?
What about us??? Could we be amazing partners who make great things? I value engaging with new ideas and collaborators. Get in touch with me and we'll find out together.
Why are you called "Weird Wonderful"?
For years "weird/wonderful designer/illustrator" was in every social media bio I had to quickly capture who I was and what I do.

"Weird" is a term I find incredibly endearing. It's neither good nor bad in my opinion but rather another way to say that "this" is different. Just like me, I'm different in wonderful ways.
Select Client List
Akily Co.
Imagination USA
Apple EDU
Mission Avocados
NestEgg Trust
Rosewood Creative
Bumped Inc
Sound Hound (Houndify)
Evergreen Action
Face Rock Creamery
UX Collective
Funnelbox Video
Verizon Enterprise Solutions
Warby Parker